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How to prevent clothes from shrinking


Tips to avoid clothes from shrinking

Its hurts when you purchase expensive clothes & get shrink after there first wash. Here we will share some techniques by following them you can avoid shrinkage; you can keep your luxury wear looking new & enjoy great fitting for long.

Selecting Right Load

Always use delicate load to wash your clothes specially for the first time, which mean selecting a slow & shorter spin will keep the size and shape where they meant to be. Do not use regular load or load with high speed as this may spoil the fabric life.

Washing Clothes in Cold Water

This is also considering the first & foremost important factor to prevent clothes from shrinking. As we have explained in our other topics as well that washing your regular wardrobe in cold water not only avoid shrinking but also helps to keep clothes fabric strong & shiny.

Hand wash to avoid garments shrinkage.

If possible, wash your clothes with hands specially the cotton wear. You can wash any garment with hands like linen, velvet, silk etc. Washing your clothes with hand is a perfect method to keep them in their original shape.

Follow the instruction tags properly

Make sure you read all the instruction properly given on the instruction tag before you wash your clothes. As per the need & requirement of the fabric.

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