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Tips to keep your clothes shiny


How to Keep Your Clothes Shiny

Are you being tired by worse wear? Here we will share some tips to keep your clothes bright which had been used since long by our professionals.

Use Cold Water

Washing your clothes with cold water helps to improve fabric life. You may use hot water for tough stains but always keep in mind to avoid water with high temperature as this can spoil quality of your wear. You may add fabric softener in cold water which will help your clothes make brighter & shinier.

Use few drops of vinegar

By adding few drops in your home laundry will prevent your cloth from fading. To keep your clothes shiny, soak them in vinegar water before it’s gets washed for first time. This process will help clothes from color fading & will also help to eliminate germs, bacteria.

Soak with salt water

Eco-friendly salt is a great way to keep your apparel bright. Just add 1 teaspoon salt in water in your regular laundry, soak clothes for overnight & Wash them with detergent.

Add baking soda             

Baking soda works as wonder & perform very important role in regular laundry. It also helps to eliminate bacteria from the clothes.

Use fabric softener

Make sure you read label of every garment before using fabric conditioner to check whether its suitable for the fabric or not. It is a great way to keep your clothes soft and shiny.

Selecting right load for washing            

Selecting a right load for laundry is also important factor to keep your clothes fiber strong & shiny. Not all clothes need to wash at same load. Kindly read the instructions properly before you wash them.

Avoid bleach

Avoid use of chlorine bleach that won’t brighter your clothing but also make it worse in terms of fabric life. You may use vinegar as we have explained above the use & benefits of using vinegar.

Deal with stains in right way

As we have mentioned above every fabric required different attention. Make sure you use right amount of detergent need to be use & Read the direction on the stain removal product carefully. As they may not safe for every fabric.

Tips how to take care for your wear.

  • Make sure you wash all laundry separately don’t mix colored clothes with white clothes as it can damage your white color.
  • Do not leave washed clothes in store before it will get ironed as it may leave permanent wrinkle.
  • Store your clothes in Cotton sheets or wrap them in cotton bed sheets as this process will help to avoid humidity & attract mildew. Never use plastic bags to store clothes.
  • Never hang your wear in direct sunlight as it may leave a permanent stain or can fade color.
  • Hang clothes after it will get properly dryer in washing machine. As wet clothes can attract more mildew than dryer fabric.

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