Best online Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service in Gurgaon @ ₹56 KG

Laundry service in Gurgaon

Best Online Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service in Gurgaon

Have you been looking for best online laundry & dry cleaning service in gurgaon? As Gurgaon had become one of the fast-growing metropolitan city after Delhi, its get very difficult in professional life to wash clothes on a routine basis. This is exactly washnnosh interns within providing Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service In Gurgaon we wash your clothes with ease and comfort & we promise to keep your wardrobe bright.

We offer premium quality of  online Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service in Gurgaon, we use most advanced machinery for laundry solution which helps to maintain a healthy fabric life. As we avoid the use of any chlorine or harmful chemicals that can spoil your wardrobe. Schedule your first pick-up Now! You may confirm your first pick-up on our website directly or you may call on the given contact numbers. We’ll make sure your parcel gets delivered with 48 hours (i.e 2 days) from the date of pick-up.

As our office is located in Delhi location but we cover almost most of the areas in Gurgaon, Our Delivery professional is highly expert we will keep our promise to deliver your clothes at a given time.

We do provide excellent Dry Clean Service in Gurgaon which is known for the best result. As our professional staff is highly experienced in how to take care of your royal wear. We are the closest Dry Clean service provider near your location with a pocket-friendly price.

Why online laundry in gurgaon with Wash N Nosh ?

1. Highly professional – Best quality  online laundry & dry cleaning Service in gurgaon, lowest rates, least time, professional staff.

2. Pick and Drop – We offer free home delivery in gurgaon. For further details please be in touch with our representative.

3.Online Availability – The world is online, so are we. Call our experts to know more about our service.

4.Deals to steal – We are happier to serve you when you take our service in Bulk order.

5.Flexible timings – When no one is there, we are because we know, you can need us anytime. We just click away from you for an order.

Your Perfect Laundry Partner Near You

Here we have mentioned some steps we follow to take care of your wear & which makes us experts in the online world of laundry & Dry clean service in gurgaon.

Step – 1 Clothes Separation

As every fabric required different attention. We divide all clothes according to the material categories e.g. (Cotton, Wool, Polyester. Etc). Our experts will wash your apparel with care to eliminate bacteria & germ. All colored and white clothes washed separately to improve fabric life.

Step – 2 Detergent We Use


Wash N Nosh Experts Will make sure that your apparel handle with ease & we use eco-friendly and top quality of detergent. The amount of detergent will vary according to the clothes requirement. As our expert knowledge to deal with all kinds of stains or any other kind of messy situation which you cannot even imagine (Grease, coffee, mud stains, etc.).

Step – 3 Water & Temperature Selection


Most of the laundry experts don’t know how to choose a correct water temperature for laundry. This Mistake can spoil your wardrobe but can also leave your clothes filled with germs & bacteria. But @ Wash N Nosh we are committed to supplying the finest quality to our client with an exceptional result.

Step – 4 Type of Load


Are you using the right amount of load for laundry? Determining the right size of the load is also considered one of the important factors for shiny clothes. Washing your clothes in the wrong load may harm the life of your royal wear. Most of the Local laundry service providers may not take care of these things but at Wash N Nosh we’ll make sure your clothes get proper care from our top-quality staff.

Step – 5 Adding Fabric Softener


We use chlorine-free fabric softener helps in soften your clothes fabric and reduce cling from your wear. Which protects your clothes from color fading and keeps them shiny & bright.

Step – 6 Drying time SelectionBest-Laundry-in-Delhi

Different fabrics required different drying times. This cycle is good for wrinkle removal which helps to give a refreshing life to your luxury wear.

Step – 7 Ironing


Ironing is not the only process to remove out wrinkles from your clothes but also eliminate remaining dirt. Ironing at a correct temperature improves fabric life & is the only way to eliminate the microorganism. After the use of Detergents & softeners sometimes may responsible for your clothes shrinkage but the right way of doing ironing can save it from shrinking. So, you can rely on us as we are great in the Laundry solution provider with best iron per kg in gurgaon who will take care of every requirement of your clothes.

Step – 8 Packing & Delivery


We’ll make sure after going thought with above all steps, we pack your bag properly. Your clothes will get delivered timely from the pick-up date. As we are flexible with the timings you can schedule pick-up or delivery accordingly. we’ll make sure to deliver your clothes in 48 to 72 hours. Which makes us best amongst all laundry service provider in gurgaon.

Dry Cleaning Near You

Want to Dry Clean your clothes at an affordable price in gurgaon? @ Wash N Nosh you will get the exact service with special care. Our Professional Expert will perform their job to give your clothes a perfect dry-clean smart look.

Here in Few Steps We’ll Show How We Dry clean

Clothes Pick-Up


First Once You Schedule the pick-up date one of our teammates will visit at your doorstep to receive your order.

Applying Tag


In the second step, we apply tag over every clothe & have to go through with the inspection according to the cleaning needs of each and every clothes based on their dry cleaning requirement. Checking everything from stains to buttons.

Pre-Spot Inspection


At this step, we use a steam gun to find hidden stains where is difficult for a human eye to perform an inspection. Selecting Spotting areas to treat properly which can create a problem for the clothes.

Clothes Dry Cleaning


In this step, we use the most advanced & newest machines in this industry. These machines are environment-friendly. We use eco friendly softener which improves fabric life. The machine has a washer and dryer which helps to eliminate all kinds of stains and get them to dry clean properly.

Steam Iron


Every clothes in dry cleaning are iron with steam. At this step, finishing touch is given & here we check missing, broken button or any other imperfection left on your wardrobe.



After going through with the final inspection, we remove all the tags from every clothe & get it packed every clothes separately in packing bags.

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